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The All-New Windows 12!!


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So, the new version of Windows has come - Windows 12. Launched last month, it brings some changes to the GUI (Graphical Use Interface). Like the taskbar can now be SPLIT! WOW! The responsibility of designing for that many people is one we dont take lightly. The past 18 months brought an incredible shift in how we used our PCs; we went from fitting the PC into our lives to trying to fit our whole lives into the PC. Our devices werent just where we went for meetings, classes and to get things done, but where we came to play games with friends, binge watch our favorite shows and, perhaps most meaningfully, connect with one another. In the process we found ourselves recreating the office banter, the hallway chatter, workouts, happy hours and holiday celebrations digitally. What was so powerful was the shift in the PC we saw and felt from something practical and functional to something personal and emotional. This is what inspired us as we were building the next generation of Windows. To build you a place that feels familiar, where you can create, learn, play and most importantly, connect in all new ways. Today, I am humbled and excited to introduce you to Windows 12, the Windows that brings you closer to what you love.